Monday, August 7, 2017



You have probably heard the idiom "Up a tree," which means to be stuck in a difficult situation without escape. As I was taking the picture of this oddity, I heard in my spirit, "Some say, 'Hitch your wagon to a star!' I say, 'Hitch your wagon to Me, and you'll go far!''"  I view this manmade image as a metaphor for the condition of the soul and spirit when it is not connected to the right source.

There is a distinction between the soul and the spirit in man. The soul is the mind, will, and emotions where our senses, desires, affections, and appetites reside. The spirit is our eternal spirit purposed to be one with God's Spirit. That oneness occurs when we surrender all to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. We then become sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit who leads, guides, and instructs us. However, if the soul overrides our spirit, then soulish desires takes control and resist God's leadership. Those desires can put us "up a tree" with no escape...unless we seek the Lord.

Horses, mules, and oxen were a main source of power to pull wagons in the 1800's. The driver had every expectation that those animals would transport him or her to where they needed to go. A wagon without power to pull it was useless.

Wagons, at one time, were the lifeline in transporting feed, equipment, building supplies, goods, food, services, families, the infirmed, injured, and the deceased. If you translate that into the Christian life, we were created to have our "wagon" (soul) hitched to God so that we can transport His purposes to others. When our wagon (soul) is teamed with God, then soul and spirit are unified and one with the Power Source of the Universe. 

In that wagon, will people see the fruits of the Spirit, which are joy, peace, longsuffering, mercy, gentleness, goodness, faith, obedience, and self-restraint? If yes, then our soul and spirit are in unity and one with God. We then become available to His leading and being a witness and light to the world.

The world judges by the kind of "fruit" a person is producing. Fruit is a metaphor for outward actions that reveal either an inward connection or a disconnect with God and His Word. Our outward appearance and activities should be a true reflection and representation of our spirit and soul that have been united with God's Spirit. 

Did you ever buy a peach and from all outward appearance, it looked like it would be sweet and juicy, but when you bit into it, it was tasteless, hard, and dry? I have, and it was very disappointing. Unfortunately, there are Christians, who from all outward appearances, have a lovely, godly persona, but inside, they are like that dry, tasteless peach that has nothing to offer to those who are hurting and seeking to satisfy the emptiness within their soul.

Unfortunately, many "wagons" are weighed down with life's challenges, doubts, unbelief, hopelessness, guilt, despair, negativity, and apathy. To compensate, they fill their "wagon" with pleasures of every kind, comfort, money, relationships, and status. Jesus told us not to worry about those things because the unbelievers run after them. Instead, our heavenly Father knows what we need; therefore, if we seek His Kingdom first and His righteousness, all those things will be given to us (Matthew 6:31-34).

This world of excess and immorality has produced people who are soul-sick and dissatisfied with life; they wonder what is next. They fear the unknown and don't have the certainty and peace of what happens at death. Too often those who look for truth find "wagons" that are filled with "fruit" that is flavorless or even rotten inside. God saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purposes (2 Timothy 1:9).

When our wagon (soul) and spirit become one in connection with God and His Word, we are ready and accessible to all things pertaining to Him. That connection allows us to connect to others who are searching for safety and security that can only be found in Him. What better place to be than to hitch our wagon to God and have Him take us to places we never dreamed or imangined. 

The question remains, "What am I carrying in my "wagon"(soul) and to what is my wagon hitched? If our wagons are hitched to God, who is the True Power Source for our lives, then He will take us far, as we touch lives along the way.

Lord, sometimes I feel like I am up a tree and wonder how I got there. I long for something more than what my soul hungers for, but I need Your Holy Spirit to help my spirit override the carnal wants and desires of my soul. Place within my heart and soul a desire to pray more fervently and to study Your Word, so that I may know You better and understand Your will. In Jesus name, amen.